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Changing signature line - Teresa in Mississippi - 11-17-2016

I realized my signature line is quite outdated. I want to change it, but I can't select it to delete it or change it. How do I do this?

RE: Changing signature line - gentah - 11-17-2016

At the top of the page (at least on the skin I am using) there is a folder tab for "User CP." Go there and on the left side there is an option under "your profile" to edit your signature. Let me know if you need any more help.

RE: Changing signature line - Tracy - 11-18-2016

I"m guessing you found it since I don't see your signature anymore? Let me know if you didn't find it.

RE: Changing signature line - memtex94 - 03-20-2017

I decided to add a signature line and this is the message I got when I tried to save my changes:
"The page you are trying to access is restricted due to a security rule.

If you believe the security rule is affecting the normal operation of your website, contact your host support team and provide detailed instructions how to recreate this error.
They will be able to assist you with rectifying the problem and adjusting the security configuration if needed."

Can someone help me with this?

RE: Changing signature line - gentah - 03-20-2017

Tracy?? I tried changing my signature line a couple months back and got the same message. I quit trying.